Saturday, February 12, 2011

This Is The Problem

I hate myself. Because i always do the same routine everyday. Everyday and everyday its still the same and it didn't change at all. Sleeping, eating and reading novel. This is the life that i have to face after my spm? oh no no please no. Its freaking boring right now. What about work? Haihh actually i don't like to do that kind of thing and yet i don't even have money. Why i have to work for other people and listen all their directions? And to be on time. Err.. i don't like that kind of things.
Kalau boleh saya nak masok sekolah balik boleh tak? Boleh tak kalau saya nak kena buat nota2 semua, kena buat homework. Saya rindu dekat kawan2 rindu dekat 5Berkat. Saya nak pakai baju sekolah pakai tudung sekolah sekali heheee :) Alahai kenapa ea? Bila dulu2 tak sabar nak habis sekolah tapi sekarang rasa nak masok sekolah lah pulak huuuuuuuuuu :'(