Thursday, April 4, 2013

Massive Pain


Is it stupid thing that I have thinking about lately? People may think stupid, but it hurt a lot. 

Don't let other people bring you down? But I do it to other people.

This year I'm 20 already, but I never feel this pain like this. Never ever.

Now I have feel how is like to be a cruel, mean and cold hearted person.

People think I'm a bad person. Yes they do. My friend also think that I'm the bad one.

But what do I think about myself? Nothing. My heart feel nothing.

Is it all my fault? I'm the bad one? 

Make others people cry for me. Make others people feeling weak. Break their heart into pieces.

I never wanted all this things to happen.

I never ask to make a difficult choice as this one.

I love you. I do.

But its mean nothing now. I'm sorry.

Put all the blame on me. I accept it.

Let me be the one who are falling apart.

Break down. And cry.

Oh ya its all has happen to me. 

And what I feel now is all Pain. Pain. Pain.